Ed Peers



Hi, I’m Ed and I’m a destination wedding photographer based just outside of London, UK. I’m a husband and a father and am passionate about documenting life with my camera and telling a story through a photograph. For the last five years I’ve photographed weddings worldwide with the majority of weddings taking me overseas. Before wedding photography I dreamt of becoming a pilot and I went as far as completing a PhD before I realised my real passion was travelling with my camera and documenting real life. Since photographing my first wedding I’ve never looked back. Every wedding is an adventure and I can never wait to photograph the next…




1. Authentic storytelling: How to capture a wedding day as it unfolds naturally to tell authentic stories that connect with your couples and your audience.
2. Keeping yourself in a constant state of inspiration: The key in this saturated market is to be unique and keeping your source of inspiration multi-faceted is key to doing something different.
3. Curation is key: How to build a brand that connects with like-minded people and fulfils your passions.
4. Keeping things simple and efficient: A look at workflow from first enquiry right through to delivery to help achieve a balanced life.
5. Making travel + weddings work: Travelling for weddings changes the dynamic of your business - how to let it enhance what you do.