Gabe McClintock



the most important thing i can share with you about me is that i married my best friend 11 years ago and am a dad to two little girls who drive me crazy, frustrate me, make me smile and laugh all on a daily basis and they are my greatest adventure. i am fascinated with human connection and love for travel. to see new places. to stand at the base of waterfalls and the edges of cliffs. to feel the heat of the sun and the cold damp fog on my skin. i have been extremely fortunate to combine my passion of photography with my love of travel and i am forever grateful to my amazing clients who put 110% of their trust in me.





1. Practices for looking inward for inspiration and growth.
2. How to attract the clients you want to attract.
3. Techniques for getting real and honest connections from your clients.
4. How to create and foster trust with the people you work with.5. The importance of doing personal projects and shooting for yourself.