Jesh de Rox



"When i say i want to photograph someone, i mean: i want to know them." - Annie LeibovitzLike Annie, I'm fascinated with people. when I photograph someone, it's because I want to know their stories. Working in the fields of portrait, wedding, commercial and travel photography over the last 10 years has given me the opportunity to see the world, exploring the power of human connection. Along the way, I developed a technique called Moment Design that helps me quickly and easily draw out authentic, beautiful expressions from the people I photograph, allowing me to create work that has won over 100 international awards and been featured in Vogue, Elle, Rangefinder and Capture Magazine, among many others. I can't wait to share what i've learned with you.





1. How to use Moment Design to simply and easily draw out beautiful expressions from your subjects.
2. Three mistakes photographers make that prevent beautiful expressions and how to avoid them. 
3. Five ways to quickly build trust with your subject.
4. Techniques on growing your clientele organically by building a business people will talk about. 
5. Hands-on practices guided by Jesh that will help you master Moment Design techniques and implement them into your business